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Absolut V Arabians Events was born of enthusiasts to Purebred Arabian.

After numerous expeditions across Belgium and neighboring countries, AVAE found a certain prejudice about this breed of purebred.

The idea of developing activities around this magnificent horse was born. Over time, AVAE decided to start the project.

It's then that in 2016 begins its activity. The stud Absolut V Arabians with an exceptional property has allowed our organization to be able to carry out its development.

With a lot of work and the help of many people, we were able to make a show international amateur. This show was completed by the classic pleasure, the western pleasure and the trail (mounted and in hand). Many presentations were also organized such as ethology, manipulation of a foal, presentation of Shetland breeding ...


This edition has met with great success for our greatest pride.


Being worn by this momentum of enthusiasts, we want to do more this year.


We organize a show C international in addition to the show international amateur. The mounted classes will also be part of the classic pleasure, hunter pleasure, western pleasure, trail mounted and trail in hand.


This year is also a first for us for endurance, not as participants but as organizer. A track of 20 and 30 km marked out around the stable Absolut V Arabians will classify your endurance horses CEN 20, 30, 40, 60 or 80 km.


Always in the spirit of sharing our passion for horses, we also organize a dressage day. Outside, on a magnificent track, the most docile horses will come to show their capacities to realize an E5, E7 or higher level A6, A7, L6, L7, M3, M4 or with music level RLM.


Other activities will be added throughout the year. To find out more, follow us in our news or on Facebook.



We wish you an excellent visit and see you soon during an event ...